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Majic Touch Events & Communications Services  is a young, but strong company designed to look after all your events, communications and educational needs at affordable rates.  

Exploring Your Options Is A Smart Choice!

Exploring your options means you are preparing to chart your way to the most appropriate alternatives for events, communications and educational services, and no one should blame you for exercising that right.

Consequently, since you are currently browsing this site, it means you are looking for a more professional and effective way to plan your events,  communicate your information and educate your minds.  We are extremely happy that you stopped by. 


Our service-oriented company offers a wide range of services to meet all your events, communications and educational needs.  From strategic and event planning to marketing, branding, communicating and educating, MTE&CS will bring you the most modern, innovative, economical and professional experience. 

So don't delay!  Contact us today for more information.

Which Service Interests You Today?


Many people believe producing an event is an easy task; however, creating a successful event demands hard work, a range of skills and experience to get the job done.  To this end, we will apply our project management skills to inter alia help you to visualize, research, plan, organize, budget, advertise, execute and follow up to ensure all phases of your events are well-managed.  We focus on all types of private and corporate events.


Our communications services are integrated to give our clients a more effective and financially rewarding experience.  These services include an array of Public Relations tools including but not limited to Media Relations and Crisis Communications, just to name a few.  So, contact us and let us know if you are interested in all or individual communication services.

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Educational Training?

Apart from our events and communications services, our company is known for educating people through lecturing and corporate training workshops. And now that the entire world is operating digitally, our education services can be provided via online platforms. Developing your mind helps you to explore freedoms and restrictions. So, why wait? Advance your career for a more employable you.